The Doctors Company

The St. Lucie Okeechobee County Medical Society has selected The Doctors Company/FPIC as the exclusively endorsed medical professional liability insurer for our members. The Doctors Company/FPIC provides Florida physicians with local claims, underwriting and patient safety services. St. Lucie Okeechobee County Society members qualify for a five (5) percent premium discount which can be combined with additional loss free discounts for even greater savings.

Founded in 1976, The Doctors Company/FPIC is relentlessly committed to advancing, protecting, and rewarding the practice of good medicine. With 71,000 physicians and $4 billion in assets, The Doctors Company/FPIC is the largest national insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability.

The Doctors Company/FPIC places great value in the long-lasting relationships it builds with its members, and it recognizes and rewards that loyalty. Eligible members participate in the Tribute® Plan, an innovative benefit that rewards doctors for their loyalty to The Doctors Company/FPIC, and for their commitment to outstanding patient care.

We encourage you to find out how you can benefit by securing coverage with The Doctors Company/FPIC. Contact Shelly Hakes, Director of Society Relations, at (800) 741-3742, extension 3294 or